Real-time monitoring system

Smart Alert provides web based monitoring and alerting for the management and control of equipment, buildings, sites and other physical infrastructure, as well as selected security applications.

Smart Alert is a real-time monitoring system that gives you instant alerts for power, temperature, humidity, smoke, water, airflow, motion, doors or any of the many other critical items that you need to monitor. This is a subscription service that utilises on-site controllers to monitor and control your site or facility, remotely or locally.

Smart Alert is one of South Africa’s leading sensor systems that does more than just alert you. Smart Alert’s innovative and highly recommended products and services can be utilised to not only monitor sensitive parts of your business but also to remotely control them. All you need is the internet to access the control software with real-time updates available in any browser on any device.

SmartAlert benefits

Smart Alert products are designed and built to provide superior solutions to your monitoring, management and control  challenges


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